Support - General Info

Our company, within the framework of current European and Greek legislation, but also with a high level of service, has a specialized and certified technical support department, according to ISO 13485: 2012 and ISO 9001: 2008 for the products and devices which trades, as well as for products and devices of various manufacturers which are included in the field of medical equipment.

In addition, always following the instructions of the medical device manufacturers as well as ISO standards, we know that equipment and devices which are in direct contact with patients and staff must be checked / maintained / certified annually, with appropriate test equipment.

Siamos Medical respecting the healthcare sector, the people working in it and the citizens, ensures that:

Be advised in time for any upgrades / manufacturer’s instructions

Calibrates annually the equipment it uses for the control / maintenance / certification of the machines which supports

Has a good stock of spare parts – materials in their warehouses

Has specialized trained technicians with knowledge of Biomedical Technology